Surfer Rides Wave Of Blue Light

Wakesurfing at Night in Underwater Lights

Wakesurfing at night is not for everyone. In fact, I don’t recommend anybody try this! There are way to many things that can go wrong.

The surfer in this video uses the glow of the blue underwater LED lights to surf the boats wake. The lights put out enough light to allow him to ride in the dark. It is a pretty cool view from behind the boat as he surfs in and out of the blue LED light.

Underwater Lights Illuminate the Wake

If you are going to wakesurf at night you had better have the right lights. Spotlights would blind the rider. Underwater lights light up the water letting the rider see the wake.

The lights on the back of the boat in this video are Lifeforms. The 4″ round light puts out around 2,300 lumens. Not bad for a cheap light. But you can do much better.

Shadow-Caster makes two 4″ round LED underwater lights that are much brighter than the lights in this video.

  • The SCR-16 puts out an amazing 5000 lumens. More than twice as many lumens as the lights in this video!
  • The SCR-24 puts out a mind-blowing 7500 lumens. More than three times as many lumens as the lights in this video!

Shadow-Casters SCR series lights are designed for yachts but are perfect for wake boats. They are round with a diameter of only 4″. Perfect for the limited space of a wake boat transom.

Whats the Best Color for Your Boat?

The color of your underwater lights should complement your boat. The SCR-16 and SCR-24, come in 5 colors. Great White, Bimini Blue, Ultra-Blue, Aqua Green, And Cool Red.

In addition, the SCR-16 comes in a two-color version that gives you Great White and Bimini Blue from one light.

The SCR-24 Comes in a Color Changing version that lets you switch from Great White to Bimini Blue, to Aqua Green, or Cool Red. Pair it with the SCM-ZC zone controller and you can set your lights to almost any color you want.

Wakesurfing boats are all about big wakes. Big wakes deserve big lights to show them off.

Wheather you are cruising the lake or sitting at the dock, the SCR-16 and SCR-24 will show off your big wakes like no other lights in the water.

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