Where To Mount Underwater Lights

Where To Mount Underwater Lights
Shadow-Caster Underwater LED lights are a great addition to almost any boat. They flood the water behind your boat in one of six beautiful colors, are extremely energy efficient, and long lasting. Shadow-Casters give you years of reliable illumination for those night time fishing trips or relaxing with friends and family.

One of the most common questions I get from people wanting to install underwater lights on their boat is, “Where do I mount them?”. Every boat is different, so there is no single answer, but as long as you follow a few simple guidelines, choosing where to mount underwater lights is easy. The lights need to be mounted on a flat surface, below the waterline, in an area where they will be protected from being struck by floating debris and won’t cause excessive drag.

The first step is to decide the number and size of lights you want to install. With three different sizes of lights, and prices starting at only $299, there is a Shadow-Caster light to fit almost any boat and any budget. Here are guidelines to help you pick the right Shadow-Caster lights for your boat.
1) Print out copies of the Shadow-Caster Products Drawings sheet. The products Drawings sheet contains full sized drawings of the SCM-4, SCM-6, and SCM-10 lights. Print at least two copies of the sheet at full size.
2) Cut around the edges of each of the light drawings so that you now have exact sized templates of each of the lights.
3) Go to the back of your boat and look for good areas to mount the lights. The best places will be on the transom, as far below the waterline as possible. DO NOT place the lights on the bottom of the hull. This can cause excessive drag and leave the lights vulnerable to damage from floating debris.
4) Check inside the boat to make sure you have clearance for the lights wire.

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