Why Current Protection For Boat LED’s?

Proper current protection is an absolute must for any LED light that will be connected to your boats electrical system. With proper current protection your LED lights will probably outlast your boat. Without it they may only last a few hours.

LED’s are semiconductors that produce light by moving electrons from a N-type (negative) material to a P-type (positive) material. The P-type material has positively-charged gaps called holes. Current causes electrons to flow from the N-type material into the holes of the P-type material. When this happens, energy is released in the form of light. If too much current is applied, especially if it spikes, it can cause erosion of the holes in the P-type material. This greatly shortens the life of the LED and can cause premature failure.

Boat electrical systems are plagued by current spikes. Every time you start your motor, charge your batteries with solar panels or any of a number of other things, it can cause extra current to flow through your boats electrical system. If this spike in current reaches the N-P junction of your LED’s it will cause erosion of the P-type material. Constant current protection keeps the current flow constant preventing premature erosion of the P-type material.

Shadow-Caster underwater LED boat lights use internal surge protection, internal temperature protection and an internal digital switching power supply (constant current protection) to protect the LED’s from current spikes that can shorten there life. This built in protection lets Shadow-Caster lights shine brighter and last longer then any other underwater LED boat light on the market.

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