Yacht With Blue LED Lights

Blue LED Yacht Lights

Going Big with Blue LED Yacht Lights

You don’t buy a yacht to blend in with the background. You buy a yacht because you want to show people that you are Big Time!

What better way to show that you have made it, and get the attention you deserve, than with blue LED yacht lights?

Going Big Down Under

This yacht in Australia shows how it is done. This Big Time owner lit up his yacht with 9 underwater led lights. The lights on this yacht are Shadow-Caster SCM-10s in Bimini Blue. He has 5 lights installed across the transom and two more on each side. The lights on the transom create a massive pool of light that can be seen for miles. Adding lights to the side extends the light pool engulfing the entire back of the yacht in the light. The blue color of the underwater lights nicely compliments the blue lights of the stairway to the swim platform.

Going Even Bigger

This picture is from several years ago. As with any good technology, LED underwater yacht lighting has advanced.

In 2017, Shadow-Caster introduced the SCR-24 LED Underwater Yacht Light. The SCR-24 puts out 3 times the amount of light as the SCM-10, for only around $100 more.

A lot more light for only a little more money. Now that is Big Time!

If you like the look of this yacht, you will love the look of your yacht with SCR-24 blue LED yacht lights.

Want to show how Big Time you are? That is the way to do it!

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